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Learning from China

Wednesday  /  Sep 05, 2018 Published Link

In order to develop a strong knowledge economy in Pakistan, we need to follow China’s example and make science, technology and innovation the focal points for development. China has turned around its economy in the last 35 years and become one....(read more)

Our way forward

Wednesday  /  Aug 22, 2018 Published Link

A new beginning has been made in Pakistan and exciting days lie ahead. A national task force for socio-economic development, chaired by a top scientist or engineer of the country with the prime minister himself as its co-chairman, should be set up...

Pakistan: a new beginning

Wednesday  /  Aug 08, 2018 Published Link

After a decade of loot and plunder by successive democratic governments, there is finally hope that Pakistan will embark on the road to progress. The massive loans taken by the last two governments have placed Pakistan in a dire financial situation...

Fostering a knowledge economy

Wednesday  /  Jul 25, 2018 Published Link

With the change of government imminent after today’s elections, we can look ahead to a new and prosperous Pakistan where justice will be swift and efficient, and where Pakistan can tap into its real potential – the 100 million young men and women below the age of 20...

Building a new Pakistan

Wednesday  /  July 11, 2018 Published Link

The single biggest opportunity to develop Pakistan lies in its 100 million people who are below the age of 20. We need to focus on their development to build a new Pakistan. The country has abundant natural resources, the fifth largest river system in the world...

Mending higher education

Wednesday  /  June 27, 2018 Published Link

The higher education sector has been under serious crisis for the last several years. Over the last decade, the procedures introduced by the Higher Education Commission (HEC) have become overly bureaucratic and overly intrusive in university affairs...

Dams vs disasters

Wednesday  /  June 13, 2018 Published Link

It is estimated that Pakistan will start facing water scarcity within the next five years, and a large number of deaths due to food shortage caused by non-availability of water will become a norm within a decade...