Prof. Dr. Burton Richter

(Nobel Laureate)
Stanford University California, U.S.A.
"Your work is an example to developing countries on how to boost science training and activities in developing countries, thereby developing and retaining young scientists".

Prof. Sir Derek H. Richard Barton

(Nobel Laureate)
Texas A & M University, U.S.A.
"Professor Atta-ur-Rahman is the motor which has propelled the H. E. J. Research Institute of Chemistry from a little known institution into the best Research Laboratory in Natural Product Chemistry in the developing world".

Prof. John M. Pezzuto

University of Illinois Chicago, U.S.A
"What I found at the H.E.J Research Institute of Chemistry was a world class facility, a group of enthusiastic and talented scientist, and talented scientists, and an incredible director, Professor Atta-ur-Rahman".

Prof. Dr. R. R. Ernst

(Nobel Laureate)
Nobel Prize in Chemistry 1991 Labora-torium fur Physikalische Chemie ETH-Zantrum, CH-802 Zurich Switzerland
"Professor Atta-ur-Rahman is one of the world-wide leading scientists in natural product chemistry and in the important field of nuclear magnetic resonance. He is at the same time one of the very best scientists that Pakistan has ever produced".

Prof. Dr. Herbert C.

(Nobel Laureate)
Purdue University, U.S.A.
"It is amazing that Professor Atta-ur-Rahman is able to do all these academic activities while taking care of one of the prestigious institutes in the country, the H. E. J. Research Institute of Chemistry, as its Director. Under his able guidance, this institute has become one of the finest in the world, in terms of the facilities, the quality of work and the scientist that it produces".

Prof. Dr. A. I. Scott

Texas A & M University,.
College Station, TX 77842, U.S.A.
"Those of us who have been privileged to visit the H.E.J Research institute in Karachi realize the Professor Atta-ur-Rahman have created the jewel in the crown of chemistry in yhe Third World. I was particularly impressed not only by quality of the research but also the fine spectroscopic equipment, which never fail due to the installation of electrical generators".

Prof. Dr. Jon C. Clardy

Department of Biological Chemistry
and Molecular Pharmacology, Harvard
Medical School Boston, U.S.A.
"The H.E.J. is a world class institution that is recognized by organic chemists around the world. The instruments are first-class, and the breadth of the research is growing into strategic areas. Most importantly, a group of eager and talented researchers has been assembled to train new students and carry out research. Frankly, I', in awe of what he's accomplished, and I join his friend from from around the world in acknowledging what he's done".

Prof. Dr. Ernst Wenkert

University of California, San Diego
La Jolla, California, U.S.A.
"As a Westerner it is truly amazing to me what high level of scientific standard the chemistry institute in Karachi has attained. Having been at some of the earlier symposia, it has been possible for me to watch the progress of the institute over the years only to be astounded at the accelerating changes and the seriousness with which scientific endewavor is taken at this isntitution. In my opinion it has become one of the three best research organization within the of the Mediterraneans to Japan. In view of he ease with which progress can slip, if institution are not nurtured. It is of the most importance to continue to support the H.E.J. Research Institute of Chemistry in the future to permit it to maintain its present position of science in the Afro-Asian world".

Prof. Wolfgang Voelter

Tubingen University Germany
"Without the organizational talent and tremendous efforts of Professor Atta-ur-Rahman, the H.E.J. Research Institute of Chemistry in Karachi would never attained the high level of scientific stature as judged from Nobel Laureates and top scientists of the West. Due to its staff and most up-to-date sophisticated equipment it is claimed to be best research organization within the vast land area of the Mediterranean to Japan. Several high field NMR spectrophotometers, and high resolution mass spectrophotometers, and amino acid sequencer, a X-ray crystallography, a circular dichorism instruments, and international computer network link etc., are producing daily results performed by competent staff under guidance of Professor Atta-ur-Rahman".

Prof. Dr. Jean-Marie Lehn

(Nobel Laureate)
Professeur au College de France
Nobel Prize for Chemistry Laboratoire
de Chimie Supramoleculaire University
Louis Pasteur 4, Rue Blaise Pascal
67000 Stransbourg France
"Professor Rahman is a very active scientist who has produced research work of very high caliber and is internationally recognized in his field of activity. By establishing gn Institute of high standard, he has contributed most importantly to the development of chemical research in his country and his region of the world. Finally, by his enthusiasm, dynamism and dedication he has a very strong impact on training, stimulating and inspiring young scientists as well as on promoting international relations".

Prof. Dr. Ryōji Noyori

(Nobel Laureate)
Nagoya University, Japan
"I have followed his activity over two decades with immense respect. He has made a brilliant contribution to the area of nuclear magnetic resonance spectroscopy. His accomplishment is not limited to his own original scientific work. He has Made tremendous efforts in editing monographs making this significant field highly visible. His contribution has been recognized by many national and international awards which include the UNESCO Science Prize in 1000".