honours AND AWARDS

The Royal Society London was established in 1645 under the charter of Royal Decree of the United Kingdom. Since then the Society has had some of the most eminent scientists of the world including over 100 Nobel Laureates and such luminaries as Sir Issac Newton and Sir Charles Darwin, Albert Einstein as its Fellows. Prof. Atta-ur-Rahman was elected as a Fellow of the Royal Society on 14th July, 2006.

Prof. Rahman is well known in his field for his prolific research publications in the field of natural products chemistry, for the excellent international chemistry conferences which he regularly organizes in Pakistan, and for his contributions in the establishment of one of the best centers in natural products chemistry (H.E.J. Research Institute of Chemistry).

He was awarded the degree, Doctor of Science, of Cambridge University (Sc.D.), which was conferred, on him in October 1987. Sir Syed Engineering University awarded D.Sc. to Prof. Atta-ur-Rahman in October 2003, Gomal University awarded D.Sc. degree in April 2004 while University of Karachi honoured him with D.Sc. in 2005. He was the first recipient of the award of “Scientist of the Year” (for 1985) conferred by the Government of Pakistan in 1987, and he was awarded the “Islamic Organization Prize” by the Minister of Health of Kuwait on behalf of the Kuwait Foundation for the Advancement of Science for the year 1987 after an international competition (conferred on him in Cairo in November 1988). He has received the First Khwarazmi Prize after a competition between scientists of 57 Islamic countries. The prize was conferred on him by the President of Iran on 8th February, 1993. He was conferred the Award of the Federation of Asian Chemical Societies in Hiroshima, Japan in 1997. He has won four Civil Awards (Nishan-e-Imtiaz (Highest National Award), Hilal-e-lmtiaz. Sitara-i-lmtiaz and Tamgha-e-lmtiaz) and was also the President of the Chemical Society of Pakistan. He received the prestigious UNESCO Prize in a special ceremony in Budapest, Hungary in June 1999. He is the first Muslim scientist who has received this international honor.

Prof. Atta-ur-Rahman has been elected as the President of the Pakistan Academy of Sciences twice from 2003-2006 and 2011 - 2014, he is the President of the Network of Academies of Sciences in the Countries of the Organization of Islamic Conferences (NASIC) (2004-present).


In recognition of global outstanding services to the development of Science and Technology the largest university in Malaysia, University of Technology Mara, Malaysia UiTM, has established an institution entitled, “Atta-ur-Rahman Institute of Natural Product Discovery (Atta-ur-Rahman Institute, AuRins)” in 2013., The National University of Science and Technology (NUST) has also established an Institute “Atta-ur-Rahman School of Applied Bio Sciences (ASAB)” at their university in Islamabad in 2011. In recognition of his services a building of the ICCBS Institutions, the University of Karachi has named The Third World Center for Science and Technology building after him entitled, “Prof. Atta-ur-Rahman Laboratories” in 2011.

In recognition of my visionary leadership, untiring struggle and momentum for the uplift o Higher Education in Pakistan, the Institute of Biotechnology and Genetic Engineering (IBGE), University of Agriculture Peshawar, a prestigious institute that plays its role in the field of Agriculture, livestock and human health has established a new block of IBGE in my name, called Prof. Dr. Atta-ur- Rahman block of IBGE.


Prof. Atta-ur-Rahman has recently established a research center in university of Karachi in the field of Genomics from a personal donation. The center is named “Jamil-ur-Rahman Center for Genomics Research”. It is now fully operational with state–of-the art gene sequencing facilities and highly qualified personnel. The center has already completed the gene sequence of different ethnic populations and has also embarked on projects to improve the milk yields of Sahiwal cows as well as to create food crops which are salt tolerant and resistant to diseases.

(1) Awarded Life Time Honorary Fellowship of Kings College, Cambridge University, February 2007.
(2) Appointed Vice-President (Central & South Asia) of the Academy of Sciences for the Developing World (TWAS) Council.
(3) Appointed Foreign Fellow of Korean Academy fo Sciences, (2004-present).
(4) Appointed as the Advisor to the Prime Minister for Science and Technology on 18th November, 2005-Present
(5) Appointed as Federal Minister/Chairman, Higher Education Commission (October, 2002-Present)
(6) Appointed as the Federal Minister for Science and Technology by the Chief Executive of Pakistan on 14th March, 2000-October 2002.
(7) Appointed as the Federal Minister (In-charge) Ministry of Education (July 2002 to October 2002)
(8) Appointed as the Federal Minister (Incharge) of the Ministry of Science and Technology and Adviser to the Prime Minister on Science and Technology (July 2003)
(9) Elected as the President of the Pakistan Academy of Sciences (Jan, 2003 – December 2006).
(10) Elected President of A Network of Academies of Sciences in the Countries of the Organization of Islamic Conferences (NASIC) (2004 – present)
(11) Appointed as the Chairman of Working Group on Science & Technology to prepare the 9th 5 Year Plan (1998-2003) by the Government of Pakistan.
(12) Appointed as Member of Editorial Boardof Fitoterapia (1999).
(13) Appointed Member of the Pakistan Institute of Development Economics (PIDE) on 10th January, 2007-Present
(14) Appointed Member of the Social Sector Coordination Committee (SSCC) by the Prime Minister of Pakistan on 12th January, 2007-Present
(15) Appointed as Member of the Board of Trustees of Pakistan Science Foundation by the Ministry of Science & Technology, Government of Pakistan (1999).
(16) Appointed as Member of Editorial Boardof Journal of Asian Natural Products Research (1998).
(17) Appointed as the Member of the Advisory Board of Journal of Pharmacy of Istabul University (Turkey), 1998.
(18) Elected as Vice President of Pakistan Academy of Sciences (1997- 2012).
(19) Appointed, Coordinator General of COMSTECH, (1996 till 2012).
(20) Appointed, Member of National High Level Review Committee on Science and Technology and Chairman of the Sub-committee on Pharmaceuticals. The National Committee was constituted by Prime Minister of Pakistan to study the possible re-organization of the Ministry of Science and Technology and R&D organizations under its administrative control in order to make them more responsive to the needs of the country (1996).
(21) Appointed as Member of the Editorial Board of “Spectroscopy: An International Journal”. IOS Press, Amsterdam (1996).
(22) Elected as Scientific Advisor to CIBA Foundation (now Novartis Foundation), London (1995 – present).
(23) Appointed as Member of Governing Body of Sir Syed Engineering University, as member of Board of Trustees of Pakistan Science Foundation and as member of Board of Graduate Studies of Aga Khan University (1995).
(24) Appointed as Member of the Academy of Natural Sciences, Republic of Uzbekistan, 1994.
(25) Elected President of the Chemical Society of Pakistan (1992).
(26) Appointed as the Member of the Editorial Board of Khimiya Prirodnynkh Soedinchii (Chemistry of Natural Compounds (Uzbekistan), 1992.
(27) Appointed as the Member of the Editorial Board of Journal of Islamic Sciences (Turkey), 1991.
(28) Elected to the Fellowship of the Islamic Academy of Sciences in 1988.
(29) Appointed Member National Commission for Science and Technology January 1985.
(30) Elected to the Fellowship of the Third World Academy of Sciences in July 1985.
(31) Appointed as U.N.I.D.O. Expert on Panel on Medicinal Plants in August 1984.
(32) Appointed as W.H.O.Expert on Vector, Biology and Control in July 1983 (till to date).
(33) Elected Chairman of S.C.A.M.A.P (a Regional U.N.E.S.C.O. network on medicinal and aromatic plants comprising 11 regional countries) on 18th October, 1982.
(34) Elected to the Fellowship of Pakistan Academy of Sciences in 1982.
(35) Appointed by U.N.E.S.C.O. as Chairman of National Committee for South and Central Asian Medicinal and Aromatic Plants (S.C.A.M.A.P.) (1982-1985).
(36) Elected to the Fellowship of the Royal Society of Chemistry, London (1981).
(37) Appointed as Secretary of S.C.A.M.A.P (UNESCO Regional Network) (1980).
(38) Appointed to the National Council for Tibbi Research by President of Pakistan and elected to its Executive Board (1980).
(39) Appointed Member of the Steering Committee for Establishment of Chemistry Center in Trieste, Italy (still continuing).
(40) Patron-in-Chief, International Center for Chemical and Biological Sciences, University of Karachi (2008).
(41) Elected President, Pakistan Academy of Sciences second time (2011).
(42) Member Board of Directors, Karachi Education Initiative (KEI) 2011
(43) Member, American Chemical Society. U.S.A.
(44) Member, American Society of Pharmacognosy.
(45) Member, Swiss Chemical Society.
(46) Member. New York Academy of Sciences.
(47) Member, Russian Academy of Sciences.
(48) Chairperson Eisenhower Fellowship (Pakistn representative).
(49) Alumni Ambassador UK 2011
(50) Member Executive Board of Govenors of COL, Common Wealth of Learning.
(51) Honorary Membership of Balim Akademisi in 2012 Turkey.
(52) Member of the Advisory board of ELLTA Conference in Malaysia, 2012.
(53) Honorary Member of the Advisory Board for the “Virtual Hall of Fame of Pakistan” , September 2012
(54) Member of the Senior Advisory Council of the International Organization for Chemical Sciences in Development (IOCD), (2013-2017).
(55) Appointment as a distinguished Visiting Professor at Universiti Teknology Mara (UiTM), Puncak Alam Campus November 29, 2012 (2 years).
(56) Chairman, Standing Committee on Higher Education of the Federation of Pakistan Chambers of Commerce 2013.
(57) Chairman, Committee for Revision of Research Productivity Award, Pakistan Council for Science and Technology , 2013 .
(58) Member Board of Governors, Karachi School of Business and Leadership (KSBL) 2013.
(59) Chairman Board of Trustees of Foundation of Scientific Knowledge (FDSK) (2011).
(60) Member, Board of Governors as A person of outstanding merit, nominated by the Advisory Committee of COMSATS.
(61) Chairman, Board of Governors of Montessori Teachers Training Center.
(62) Chairman Board of Governors of Kidney Foundation. (re-elected in 2013 for two years).
(63) Fellowship of Asian Federation for Medicinal Chemistry (AFMC) 2013.
(64) Member Board of Governors – DHA Suffa University 2012 (2 years under the category of Eminent Educationists).
(65) Honorary Fellowship of the Institute of Chemistry Ceylon, Sri Lanka April 3-4, 2014.
(66) Member of the Board of Governors of Sir Syed University of Engineering June 2014.
(67) Member of the Resource and Advisory committee of Anjuman Urdu Tartaqqi Pakistan (2014).
(68) Member Board of Governors of Zia –uddin – University, Karachi (2014).
(69) Chairman, International Organizing Committee Eurasia (2014).
(70) Senior Member “101 Friend of China”, A mega strategic think tank of Pakistan (February, 2015).
(71) Member Global Advisory Board of “World Academy of Chemistry” 55/11, Krishna Nagar, Hojai-782435, India (April, 2015).
(72) Chairman Standing Committee on Science and Technology of FPCCI (2015) .
(73) President, Karachi School of Business and Learning (KSBL) 2015.
(74) Appointed Consultant Asian Education forum (2015-2020).
(75) Appointed as Foreign Fellow of Chinese Academy of Sciences (2015).
(76) Deans Council of University Petra conferred upon the title of “Adjunct Distinguished Professor’, in recognition of meritorious scientific research, as eminent scholar in the field of Organic Chemistry November 2015 (Certificate will be awarded at the AAS Conference, October, 2016).
(77) Appointment as a Chairman of UN ESCAP Committee on Science Technology & Innovation March 2016.
(78) Appointment as a Judge in 'Judges Panel' of China Create Foundation 2017.
(79) Appointment as an Honorable Professor of Chinese Medicine Nov 2017.
(80) Appointed as the Academician of Chinese Academy of Sciences 2017.
(81) Appointed as the Chairman of the Pakistan Advisory Board and Member of the International Advisory Board of the Children’s Foundation, May 24, 2017.
(82) Appointment as an Honorary Professor of Hunan University of Chinese Medicine, November 2017.
(83) Appointed as Syndicate member of the University of Karachi 2018-2021.
(84) Prof. Atta-ur Rahman has been appointed as Chairman of Prime Minister’s Task Force on Science and Technology, 2019.
(85) Vice Chairman on Prime Minister’s Task Force on Technology Driven Knowledge Economy, 2018.
(86) Co- Chair, Task Force on Information Technology, 2018.